I decided to sew Jacket "F" from the  book "Clothing for Everyday Wear" that I reviewed last month. I will  post photos of the jacket and how it came together in my next blog post.

This  jacket required two curved pockets for the front of the jacket and in  this post I share my tip for creating curved pockets so that those wanting to create the jacket will have an easier time doing so.

This  is a simple method for creating a curved pocket and works nicely on  light to medium weight fabrics. This method can easily be used to make  nearly any curved item, including applique pieces. All you need is a  thick piece of cardboard cut out to the shape of the pocket (or applique  piece) you desire.

I first cut the pocket pattern piece out of the cardboard. I did NOT include  seam allowances on the cardboard cutout. I then cut out the fabric to be  used as the pocket. I cut the fabric larger than the cardboard pattern  by 0.5 inches on each side but the top pocket edge where I added a  larger seam allowance (as described in the instructions).I then overlocked the edges of the pocket (as described in the instructions).

Using  red thread, I basted the edges of the pocket starting at the top left  edge, going around the curved bottom and back to the right top edge. I then placed the cardboard pattern into the center of the pocket and  secured the top edge with clips, making sure that I did not catch the  basting stitch.

place the cardboard pattern in the center of the pocket fabric

Now, the magic happens! Grab the ends of  the basting stitches and pull. The fabric will be pulled into the shape  of the cardboard pattern. When the fabric is tight against the cardboard  secure the basting thread ends under the clips.

Pull the basting stitches

Iron the pocket with the cardboard pattern  in it and then remove the cardboard and finish the pocket as described  in the instructions.

This method makes nicely rounded pockets  and takes only a fraction of the time it would take when using the methods described in the instructions of the book.