The Japanese term "mottainai" can be compared to the saying "waste not, want not." This value is the inspiration behind my carefully crafted items.

I search for vintage fabrics and garments that inspire me and then create items out of these textiles. Every piece of the garment or fabric is used for my creations. Nothing is wasted.

Since I work in this way I create one of a kind items that "show off" the best qualities of the fabrics I use. All items are unique and each one is created by me (and only me) in my home. Each item is made carefully, one by one, to last. I do not have an "assembly line". This may be an antiquated way of doing things but I want the buyer to know that the same thought and care went into EACH item I sell, from the very first to the very last.                                                                                         
I am a certified teacher of Tsumami Zaiku.                 I love to share the history and techniques of tsumami zaiku. I also am one of the few distributers of traditional Japanese tsumami zaiku materials. Please feel free to contact me with any questions!

Breast Forms: Please contact me directly if you are inquiring about breast forms. If you received breast forms from Pluta Cancer Center and wish to have more, I can provide additional sets for a monetary donation of your choosing plus shipping costs.  All donations are used to purchase supplies for the forms that are donated to Pluta Cancer Center. 

I am currently located in Glenville, New York and am doing business as "Rochester Textile and Kimono"                                                                                                    

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