If you have a child of your own you know that everything that a child  needs in their first year is so....packaged. I know, I just made  "packaged" a dirty word! I still remember the mounds of packaging I had  to recycle (or discard) after my baby shower. Then add the bags, bows,  ribbons and gift wrap to this and your recycling bin and garbage bin  will be bursting.

Baby showers are a great chance to try your  hand at using cloth as a wrapping. Wrap clothing or toys in swaddling  blankets or wrap a box of diapers in a large crib sheet. Don't forget  burp cloths or thick towels! A new mom can never have enough of those!

Furoshiki  have been used in Japan for centuries and there are easy and beautiful  ways to wrap any shape gift using a furoshiki. A quick internet search  will provide plenty of ideas and instrunctions on how to wrap a gift  using a furoshiki.

For this "one bottle" wrap I used an 8oz bottle and a 20x20 inch tenugui  (hand cloth). This is a fast way to wrap any item that comes in a  bottle (moisturizer, shampoo, perfume, canned goods, baby formula) and  it has its own little carrying handle. So cute!!

1. Stand the bottle in the center of the cloth (make sure the good side of  the wrap is facing outward) and tie corners C and B together using a  single knot.

place your item into the center of the furoshiki

2. Take corner A and wrap it behind the bottle and to  the front. Repeat with corner D but go in the opposite direction. Tie  corners A and D together where they meet at the front of the bottle  using a double knot. A square knot looks the nicest.

Tie corners together

3. To make the top handle; twist the top corners and then tie them together using a double knot.

twist top corners and tie them to make the handle

4. Tidy up your knots and you are done! 

tidy up the knots

furoshiki one bottle wrap

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